Rainbow Kleinpak: tailor made packaging fruit & vegetables

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Packing (pointed)peppers
Our packing department offers you the service of packing your peppers. We have ten flowpack liners operational, one family bag packing line and two packing lines for packing pointed peppers.

Packing & Re-packing

Also we can repack products in various types of (pointed) bags, cups, baskets or cases with (private) labels, printed with our own label printers or with labels you provide us with. Or we restack product in any box or crate you wish.

All our packing machines are equipped with:

  • Weight control equipment;
  • Coding devises, for optimal traceability and preservability of your product.

You are welcome to call us for an appointment or more information, T +31 (0)174 – 524100 or e-mail info@rainbowgrowers.nl.