Rainbow Kleinpak: Fully temperature controlled

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Our packing station is fully temperature controlled.  Next to that we are able to lengthened the preservability of your product by means of an advanced dehumidifying system. In this way we can bring the relatively air humidity at any level we wish for.

Quality Service

Our own team of quality controllers are certified to inspect a wide range of products. They conduct inspections on incoming products in bulk cases or consumer packaging and they conduct inspections on products that are ready for loading. Besides that they inspect the stock daily and they attend for inspections on location if needed.

The Dutch capsicum is inspected according to the quality requirements of the Dutch Produce Association. Other products are inspected according to the requirements of the KCB. If you wish, they can also conduct inspections according to your own specific requirements.

By means of our inspection module and integrated camera, we can provide you with a detailed quality report, that meets with all modern requirements.