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Rainbow  pursues an  active policy in the field of  social and environmental responsible entrepreneurship and we foster this i.e. with our pay-off ‘we care for the environment’. In all our business processes we establish this by investing in human, society and environment.

We are certified on highest level in the field of food safety and hygiene . All products we supply are GlobalGAP certified. GAP means Good Agricultural Practice  and sets conditions concerning food safety, sustainability and quality. Several of our growers produce climate neutral by using earth heath and wind energy. This production method reduces the emission of CO2 back to zero.

Cooperation Rainbow also has a production area of capsicums and cucumbers in the U.K., project Thanet Earth. The growers produce especially for the British supermarkets. For more information: Galicia Greenery LLC is a greenhouse company based in Busk, West-Ukraine, that produces vegetables for the Ukrainian market. It is fully owned by Dutch Galicia Greenery Holding BV. Rainbow is one of the shareholders. For more information:

Regularly we do customers’ research to get a clear view of our customer’s needs and level of satisfaction in order to improve our service level and meet our customer’s demands even better.


In our conduct of business we try to do various things for society, for example;

  • Products declined for trading are put to the disposal of children’s farms or food parcels for the needy;
  • Sponsoring and donations to charity;
  • We provide guided tours to people in our line of business and students;
  • We offer traineeships and graduation assignments.
  • We keep our business area clean and safe in cooperation with our neighbour companies.


We have taking the following measures in order to operate environmentally friendly;

  • LED lights: packing station
  • Paper: FSC quality label
  • Foil: LDPE quality label
  • Mail: sending invoices by e-mail
  • Separate disposal of waste: carton, paper, plastic, vegetables and fruit